Please read through and follow the aftercare advises given to get the most out of your eyelash extensions Your aftercare is just as important as it’s when preparing your lashes prior to treatment.


Why is it important?

Your lashes will look pretty for longer / your Russian volume lashes will look fuller for longer (as handmade fans will remain open Cleaned)

You will spend less time having your lashes cleaned and prepped, meaning more time for lash application on the day, and so better results.

Your natural lashes will not suffer from damage.​


  • ​DO NOT wet your lashes for the first 24 hours. The adhesive needs to Cure (dry) and settle during this time period.

  • DO NOT use steam rooms, saunas or sunbeams for the first 48 hours.

  • DO NOT perm, tint or use eyelash curlers with your lash extensions.

  • DO NOT allow direct heat or open flames near your lashes as they are synthetic and can melt / frazzle at the tips.

  • DO NOT use waterproof or oil-based mascara or oil-based liquid eye - liner as they contain ingredients that will break down the adhesive.

  • DO be gentle around your eyes, don 't pick your extensions or rub your eyes.

  • DO use an eyelash cleanser and brush to gently cleanse your lashes daily. Keeping your lashes clean along the lash line and in-between your lashes are important especially when coming in for infills as your lashes will bond to your natural lash better and last longer.

  • DO use an eyelash brush wand and brush your lashes daily.


​How to clean your lashes

Step 1. Gently massage the cleanser or shampoo into the lashes along the lash line in small circular motions using the gentle brush provided in your aftercare kit.

Step 2. Wet your lash wand comb and then brush the shampoo out until its completely gone.

Step 3. Pat the lashes dry with a towel If you have hybrid or Russian lashes, then blow dry your lashes afterwards with a lash fan or hair dryer on the coolest setting, to fluff them up again. Brush your lashes whilst they dry to open up the hand made fans. Aftercare kits can be purchased from me for as little as £l0 (without an oil free make up remover) or £13 (with a makeup remover)